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Located at the center of Denver's premier Washington Park neighborhood the Park Lane Condominiums occupy a site rich in history.  From farms, to suburban expansion, to one of the city's most desirable residential addresses, the area has grown and evolved with Denver.

Created at the turn of the last century to be the showpiece of the Denver Park system, Washington Park has been "the place to be" from its creation. Trees, paths, lakes and expansive meadows made it Denver's playground.

The 400 block of South Marion was home to the historic Park Lane Hotel. From 1928-1968 the hotel offered resort amenities in the heart of the city. Live music from name jazz and dance bands was broadcast from the popular Top of the Park penthouse nightclub.

In 1968, plans were drawn to replace the hotel with a set of high-rise residential structures.  The towers which house the Park Lane today, were the result.  The combination of lifestyle and location come together to create the perfect urban residence.

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The Park Lane Condominiums

460/480 South Marion Parkway

Denver, Colorado 80209

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